Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Idea Behind This

The Idea behind creating a display based on multitouch was to get rid of the mouse. I am starting to develop damage to my wrist from using it in a bad way. The result is my right wrist is swollen and is sore to move, at times painful. I hope to lessen this pain by getting rid of the mouse. I would like to get rid of the keyboard but the software is not there and the lack of tactile feedback is a major nuisance. My first messing around with this technology was with the MTMini Multitouch Pad, This is essentially a cardboard box, a webcam, a glass plate covered in paper and thats it. Really easy to use and touchy as the lights and shadows around you will effect it. It can be improved with a frame with leds in the corners and diffuser to spread a reliable light source around. To get into this, check the link it will take you to the nuigroup who can teach you about it and the other versions of multitouch better than I can explain it.