Friday, October 31, 2008

Parts list so far

ProjectrorAcer X1160$523.40Vital but only 800x600
Lasers10mw 780nm laser€5.60 each4 x 10mw 780nm laser modules
Line GeneratorsLine Generator 120˚€2.40 each4 x Line Generator 120˚
Laser Goggles780nm Laser Goggles€40.90 OD>3 for 750-850nm
Green LaserEbay with free P&P€12.9810mw for testing the alignment
Acrylic SheetStreet hawker €1012mm thick
Bandpass filter780nm Bandpass filter€20reduces stray IR signals
New CameraPS3EYENot got yet. 100fps@320x240 claimed
Old CameraCreative somethingoldIR filter removed
SoftwareTbetamain software

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Front Surface Mirrors Ordered.

I have ordered my front surface mirrors so they should be here in a few weeks. The mirrors are needed as regular mirrors having the reflective part at the back, require any light entering them to pass through the glass twice and this causes a quite irritating ghost image. The solution is to use first surface mirrors, in these the reflective part is in Front of the glass and any light hitting the mirror does not come in contact with the glass at all. I bought 4 front surface mirrors from SurplusShed. They are not expensive as they are only $4 each or 10 for $35. I went to buy 10 originally however when I got the postage quote it was WTF!! As it was $82.50 i then changed the order to 4 mirrors and got charged $52.50 postage still a horrible amount. The $82.50 is 20lbs for Zone 5. 20lbs is piss take in my opinion as they are only 1/32nd" (0.8mm) thick. The $52.50 is 10lbs weight which I think means they Really pad and pack the mirrors correctly and I so hope so. Or they are up to eBay style Postage padding. EASTMAN KODAK 16" X 11-1/2" THIN FRONT SURFACE Mirrors are here SurplusShed. $4 each Postage is here Priority Mail International If your in continental United States, you only pay $5 postage no mater how heavy it is (you get everything cheap) So 4 x 16" x 11" Front Surface Mirrors and postage = $68.50 or €47.95-€51.37 depending on how robed with the exchange rate I get. Say average of €12.42 per mirrors I suppose really is not that bad. Still that's 3 and 1/4 times what you in the the US pays (€3.80).