Tuesday, November 11, 2008

780DF60 NIR Optical Filter

760DF60 NIR Optical Filter 780DF60 NIR Optical Filter to help me see the "blobs" with the camera.Filter looks like a gold mirror except you can only see a faint redish image through it when outside in the sun. Which is rare to see at present, too much bloody rain. This will be stuck to outside of lens unit of the webcam to cut out the unwanted light spectrum. Allowing the webcam to only see what it should see. This filter is 60nm range Omegabob2 who I got this filter from. Now sells filers that allow only 40nm and even only 25nm range of light through. This is best used with lasers to cut down on the extra light coming into the webcam to give you clearer pictures.

Monday, November 10, 2008

AixiZ Lasers 10mw 780nm Lasers Show Up

My lasers have finally arrived in the post from AixiZ Lasers. Laser 10mw 780nm AixiZ LasersLaser 10mw 780nm AixiZ Lasers They came in a padded jiffy bag and antistatic bag with the mw and voltage written on it. Others have said that these 10mws are 5v, I have no Idea all I know so far is they light when 3.1V is applied. Bench Top Power Supply - Testing Laser Laser 10mw 780nm Visible To Camera First testing of the lasers with my new N93CX Bench Power supply I bought. I used 3.1V to test to make sure I would not burn the laser module. Since the meter also shows the current being drawn at .05A you can get the Watts drawn 0.115W in this case or 0.16W per laser when in use. The camera also shows the NIR laser beam up, this is just a bare red when you see it with the naked eye.

Laser Line Generator 120°

The Lasers came with the 120°Line generators installed so I don't have to figure out which way to put them. These are used to creat the Laser Light Plane for the setup I intend to put together.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Front Surface Mirrors Arrive

Front Surface Mirrors - Chipped The front surface mirrors have minute chips which are not a bother as they don't touch the mirrored part. You can I think see a slight problems with these mirrors and that is I can actually see through the damm things to a degree. So will need something to absorb or stop any background coming through. Front Surface Mirrors - Arrive In Post My Front Surface Mirrors finally show up in the post. They are from Surplus Shed. Got charged $52.50 postage when it only cost $40 to send. bloody rip off, but at least I got them.They were sent in a brown box(shoebox) which was packed with that giant bubble wrap packets, then in normal bubble wrap and had brown paper sheets between the mirrors and the 2 other mirrors with their backs out. Seems to work ok even that $3 solar keyring I was sent showed up.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PS3 Eye and tbeta Problems

From what I have come across on NUIgroup it seems my Ideas of running tbeta with the PS3 Eye camera is down the toilet as I own a windows PC and not a MAC system. Alexander Popovich is the creator of the PS3Eye driver. This is brilliant as he has managed to get the PS3eye working on the PC as a webcam. You need a separate mic to talk but it mostly for Multitouch. I and others are hoping he will get around to adding PC+tbeta functionality.