Monday, November 10, 2008

AixiZ Lasers 10mw 780nm Lasers Show Up

My lasers have finally arrived in the post from AixiZ Lasers. Laser 10mw 780nm AixiZ LasersLaser 10mw 780nm AixiZ Lasers They came in a padded jiffy bag and antistatic bag with the mw and voltage written on it. Others have said that these 10mws are 5v, I have no Idea all I know so far is they light when 3.1V is applied. Bench Top Power Supply - Testing Laser Laser 10mw 780nm Visible To Camera First testing of the lasers with my new N93CX Bench Power supply I bought. I used 3.1V to test to make sure I would not burn the laser module. Since the meter also shows the current being drawn at .05A you can get the Watts drawn 0.115W in this case or 0.16W per laser when in use. The camera also shows the NIR laser beam up, this is just a bare red when you see it with the naked eye.

Laser Line Generator 120°

The Lasers came with the 120°Line generators installed so I don't have to figure out which way to put them. These are used to creat the Laser Light Plane for the setup I intend to put together.


Sonica said...

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