Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Front Surface Mirrors Arrive

Front Surface Mirrors - Chipped The front surface mirrors have minute chips which are not a bother as they don't touch the mirrored part. You can I think see a slight problems with these mirrors and that is I can actually see through the damm things to a degree. So will need something to absorb or stop any background coming through. Front Surface Mirrors - Arrive In Post My Front Surface Mirrors finally show up in the post. They are from Surplus Shed. Got charged $52.50 postage when it only cost $40 to send. bloody rip off, but at least I got them.They were sent in a brown box(shoebox) which was packed with that giant bubble wrap packets, then in normal bubble wrap and had brown paper sheets between the mirrors and the 2 other mirrors with their backs out. Seems to work ok even that $3 solar keyring I was sent showed up.


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